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We design, create and produce yarns for the different sectors of the industrial textile area.
We are specialized in technical threads. We offer the solutions that companies need.

Our fancy yarn section is equipped with the most modern technology. Here all sorts of effects are produced from yarn or roving, with a wide rang of yarn counts which extends. The result is fancy yarn which responds by electronic systms: knot control or retention overfeeding, etc., and which can produce with one, two or up to three drawing rollers. In our two-for one twister section, twisting is performed with a wide range of compnents derived from chemicar. Artificial and Synthetic fibres, as well as natural fibres from vegetables, animals and minerals, all of which can be combined with one another, and cover range or yarn counts.

All of our fancy yarns can be used in knitwear, woollen goods, worsted fabric and decoration.

There are many years and the experience also working with sanitary threads for the manufacture of fabrics intended to make all kinds of garments and utensils.